Community During Uncertainty

We've learned much about the human condition throughout this period of ongoing isolation. Covid has spared no one; we've all been impacted with great and lasting significance.

Nothing, however, has become more resoundingly clear than this:

We were created for community. 

We've been brilliantly fashioned by our Maker; out of dust He's created us to reflect His image and bring Him glory! In our giftedness and imperfections alike, we were meant to shine bright for Christ and do good works for His people.

To glorify Him, however, one thing is necessary: One another. We cannot glorify God in isolation. Nor can we grow in faith alone.  

You belong here.

When you choose to engage in life-giving community here at Bethany, growth takes place both vertically and horizontally: you become closer to Christ, and to those He has intentionally placed in your path.

This fall, some of our groups will meet in-person. Others will gather virtually. A few will remain digital. Choose what works best for you! The platform you choose to engage on does not matter much:

What matters only is that you choose.