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2021 group offerings


Book of John | 7pm via Zoom  

Often one of the first books a new believer will read, the Gospel of John is filled with profound truths that will lead you into a deeper understanding of God’s ultimate story. Join us for an hour of rich discussion (and laughter!); we can’t wait to grow with you.


Overcoming Emotions That Destroy | 7pm via Zoom 

Anger is expressed in many forms. Some people erupt like a volcano, some keep it all inside, while others express it in a passive agressive style - with sarcasm and harsh words. This series will help you identify how you handle your anger and give you practical biblical tools to express anger appropriately and deal with those who express their anger toward you.



Midweek with Pastor Scott

7pm in the church Commons

Join us at 7pm in the Commons for our study of the Book of Acts!


Surrender | 7pm via Zoom

Surrender is not a “one and done” deal. Our goal is to learn to want to give it all over to God. Learn to do His will. We will learn the things that trip us up with helpful tools along the way.  You  will learn to have the power to let go and surrender from whatever it is that has you held emotionally hostage; to really buy-in, give it all, and live more like Jesus. Go ahead: Accept God's will, obey the Lord, put yourself totally in His hands. There is no safer place to be.



Surrender en Espanol | 7pm via Zoom



Women’s Prayer Group | 7pm via Zoom

Join us for a few moments of encouragement from scripture. We’ll close our time together by bringing the needs of our families, church, community, and world before our faithful God in prayer.



Men’s Group: Win The Day, Mark Batterson

8:30am at Bethany Church

Too many people delay, downsize, or shrug off their dreams just because they don’t know where to start, but playing it safe doesn’t account for the massive cost of a life not fully lived. Win the Day is the jump start you need to go after God-sized goals, one day at a time. Mark Batterson reveals seven powerful habits that can help you turn yesterday’s regrets and tomorrow’s anxieties into fuel for a better today.


The Truth Project | 2pm via Zoom

Without a firm foundation in the truth of God’s Word, we may be tempted to go off course and accept less than God’s best. Learn how to build an unshakeable life by constructing yours upon the Rock.


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