fresh 40
Week six reading plan

Welcome to our 6th and final week of our 40-day Devo Campaign! We pray these 40 days have brought you closer to Christ. 

You can also find this week's plan in our app under "Message Notes." There, you'll be able to take and save any of your own personal reflections! 

Sunday May 24: John 18:19-40

*True Vine

Describe your thoughts surrounding verse 36. 

Monday May 25: John  19:1-27

If Pilate would not have faced pressure from the people, what do you think he would have done with Jesus? Why was this strong leader so influenced by the crowd?

Tuesday May 26: John 19:28-42

Why do you think Jesus died before the centurions expected? v33

Wednesday May 27: John 20:1-18

How would you explain verses 8 and 9?

Thursday May 28: John 20:19-31

What strikes you in the conversation between Jesus and Thomas in verses 26-29?

Friday May 29: John 21:1-25

Three times Peter answers Jesus' question, ‘Do you love me?’- When Jesus replies back to Peter, is he responding the same way each time, or is there variance?