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Daily Time with God | CAST model

Congratulations on saying yes to Christ! He made the first move in His death in your place. And now He is alive and well; inviting you to new life found in Him. Begin your journey to believe by seeing how He reveals Himself to you through the truth of His word.

1. Start with the Book of John in the Bible. (If you don’t have one, the Bible is on a fantastic app called youversion- or we would love to get you one!) The book of John is divided into 21 chapters. This book shows us God’s incredible love for us!

2. Read a small portion of verses within a chapter. The goal is to read for quality, not quantity. A great place to start is read a portion under each heading within a chapter.

3. Grab a notebook or journal. Each day write the following words down the left column, similar to this:





4. Think on the verses you just read using the above framework.

For example:

Confess- I confess I still am drawn more to the darkness than to light.

Adore- I adore you because You shine in the darkest places. 

Supply- Sometimes I am more fearful than faithful. Help me today to know that your perfect love casts out fear.

Thank- Thanks for coming to my rescue. I am grateful that you made the first move to shine your light into my life.


5. CAST provides a helpful starting point to begin to think on God; allowing Him to love and lead you. Take a few minutes each day to begin to build a relationship with God. He can’t wait for you to know Him more!

Make today a great day!