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Spiritual and Practical Helps For Fasting

Decide on your desired type of fast:

  1. Sunrise to sunset- Only fluids between. *preferably water

  2. 1 meal- Pick a meal (typically lunch) and replace that meal with a time of seeking.

  3. Daniel Fast- Fruits and vegetables only.

  4. ‘Create-your-own- Modified fast that is faith-filled, yet not foolish (unsustainable).

Advisory: Do not attempt an absolute (extended water-only or periods of total denial) fast unless under a Doctor’s supervision. 

Surround yourself with the right resources

a. Practical- Remove the chips and ice cream from reach and set/buy healthy options to keep energy up. *Although a fast is not a diet, you will find a certain level of ‘detox’ taking place as additives leave. You will experience addition by subtraction.

b. Spiritual- Determine why you are fasting and then deep-dive. Use the journal we provided. A Bible, pen, notebook and a good early morning spot are essential. Set specific seeking times to ‘check-in with God. 


Feast on

His supernatural presence as you fast from natural dependence. Drink lots of water. When you begin to experience hunger pangs, drink more water (first).