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After nearly 30 years on High Ridge Road, Keoughs Paint and Hardware closed its doors as we began 2020. Just before the full effects of Covid19 manifested, this local mainstay no longer found itself profitable. Begun in 1990, with another store still  in Ridgefield, Keoughs was a helpful outfit; allowing customers the conveniences of the old-school neighborhood hardware store. A made key, an extra can of spray paint, salt for the sidewalk, the elusive 2 and ¾ lag bolt: Keoughs has been greatly missed. They staffed a helpful, knowledgeable crew and contained a surprisingly varied selection of goods.


I’m not sure where we’ll get all of our last-minute supplies for VBS…Last year rendered some challenges in running for some real-time equipment and pieces for set design… Amazon is fast, but I have yet to receive a shipment via drone moments after order placement. Keoughs was a literal 4 minute drive. Fairly certain I even made multiple trips in one day… 


A few other local favorites have been recent casualties: a few Stamford-only places; in addition to some regional or national brands… Cosi, Judy’s, Dinosaur BBQ, the Post Office on High Ridge! Thinking on the list stirs gratitude for the time they were around. Especially rooting for the remaining little guys as they continue to weather the combined forces of Covid19 and rising inflation.


Send me some local places you have been missing over the past few years. 




Scott Giordano