In our devotional lives and in our congregational gatherings, this is a principle of vital significance.  We must earnestly seek to regularly welcome each into our lives. They are not mutually exclusive; nor is one more ‘spiritual’ than the other.  Rather, these 2 practices or tools are interdependent.

In this short post, I will not attempt to be exhaustive, but instead will strive to bring a brief fly-over.  There is much more to the concept of worship than music, but I want to linger on that idea for a moment. In our daily lives we must prioritize precious time to worship the Lord in the splendor of His holiness (Psalm 96:9).  What an amazing beginning to a new day to begin to listen to songs of worship; to sing to Him; to write our own songs to Him like the psalmists of old!  Worship re-directs our heart and mind regarding situations, sin, self-worth and the Savior.

I have found that this sets and orders my day; or at minimum, sets my response to the day ahead.  If you are not already doing so, I lovingly encourage you to rise a few minutes earlier and listen to a favorite song; allowing God to invite you closer.  While I’m thinking of it, this is what the structure of our worship services seek to accomplish. The worship of our Great God resets our perspectives and passions as we collectively welcome His holy presence.

In fact, one way to express it is this:  

Worship sets the atmosphere; word sets the application.

As a former worship leader, I understand that often-times worshippers will desire to remain in worship for extended periods of time; possibly even to the neglect of hearing the Word.  We might think that is a spiritual happening. ‘The worship was so good, we never got to the preaching…’ Devotionally and congregationally we would do ourselves a disservice if we subscribe to the belief that we can be steadfast through storms without the anchor of the Word of God.  It is a good stackable order to begin each day in worship and then move to a scripture that will convict and convince.

Allow me to repeat this principle:  Worship sets the atmosphere; word sets the application.  Truly a both/and proposition.  When worship and word divinely collide, then we are changed more and more into His likeness!  Don’t forsake one for the other. I pray you would encounter Him in
worship AND be equipped in His word.